Angels That Care can be translated literally,
as that is exactly what our Resource Site consists of,
Angels That Care.

Our goal is to provide
Love, Friendship, Hope, and Encouragement,
as well as many ears that will listen while you speak.
Within Angels That Care,
you will have an opportunity to speak with others
who have been where you are in life,
and are familiar with the pain and suffering
you may be experiencing.

The main focus of Angels That Care,
center around Domestic Abuse in it's many forms,
Child Abuse in it's many forms as well,
and Issues that continually effect the safety
and well being of the Abused in our society.
We also offer a variety of resource sites
that offer information and support for
Missing Children And Adults,
and Internet Safety Organizations.

The important thing to remember,
is that no matter how hopeless and trapped
you may feel in your present situation,
there are many members of Angels That Care
who have experienced the abuse and broken dreams
that you may be facing now.

Each minute, and each day that you continue living in danger,
increases the odds that neither you or your children
will ever be guaranteed a safe environment,
or an opportunity to begin a brand new life.
Countless others have been able find the strength and courage
to be able to break free of abuse,
and are now living safe and fulfilling lives.

You can do it too,
and that is the purpose and goal of
Angels That Care,
to help you achieve this goal.


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